Posted on: May 17, 2009 7:24 pm

I miss Vince Young

I'm a die-hard Titans fan, I stand by their decisions and always try to keep track of what they do as a franchise. However, unfortunately for me, Vince Young is my favorite player, and it hurts to see him benched for Kerry Collins, but what hurts even more for me, is knowing that Vince will probably never start for the Titans again. I think that Vince is the best thing for the franchise, but Jeff Fisher, who I believe is one of the best coaches in the NFL, disagrees with me. So now, all I have is hope. Hope that Vince Young worked hard this off-season and finds a way to overtake Kerry Collins as the starter. If this doesn't happen, I'll feel bad, but I will still support my Titans as I always have.
Posted on: May 17, 2009 9:33 am

Who would've thought?

After years of hoping and wishing... Who would've thought my dream would finally come true. My dream that there would be a worse sports executive than Matt Millen. Millen was the worst, never making the right picks and eventually, driving the franchise to the an 0-16 season.

But now, after the Millen debacle, when i never thought anyone could be worse, Al Davis comes along and drafts Darius Heyward-Bey and whatever the hell that other guy's name is... You know, the one that was too good to be invited to the combine. Al Davis really needs to sell this franchise, or at least relinquish control of it. Because, I'm a Titans fan, but on draft day, I was furious about the pickd made by the Raiders. You wouldn't expect a fan of another team to be mad at a team he doesn't even like when they make bad picks, But I was furious, this is why, I'm announcing my boy-cotting of the Raiders. I will not watch a Raiders game, (unless they're playing the Titans of course) untill they have one 8 games in a season.

Whoever would like to join me in this boy-cott can join my group. 
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Posted on: May 17, 2009 7:59 am

What's up with Ray Allen

Rajon Rondo has been great so far in the playoffs, he has elevated his game to a whole other level, in the absence of KG. Big Baby Davis has done the same, coming up with big buckets down the stretch and playing solid defense for the Celtics. Brian Scalabrine, the NBA's most akward player has stepped up as well, and we've even gotten 12 point fourth quarters out of Stephon Marbury. This leaves the question... What's up with Ray Allen.

Ray struggled in game 1 of the Bulls series, but he pulled in together in time for a huge 50 point game, and hit numerous game tying shots. However, in this series against the Magic, Ray Ray is dropping only 11.5 ppg while shooting a measly 30,7% from the field. Even worse, Allen, one of the premier 3 point shooters ever to play the game, is shooting, 13,9% from downtown. It could be a the result of being guarded by the taller Hedo Turkoglu and not being able to get in rythim for a shot over the 6'10 Hedo. Or it could just be that with Rajon Rondo taking over, Allen is left as an outsider in the offense and doesn't have his head where it needs to be. However, Ray is one of he most proffesional players in the league, so I think we can count that second theory out. Instead of analyzing what's wrong with Ray, we could just say that it's slump and that hopefully he'll break out of it in game 7 tonight. All that being said, he are some of the ways I think Ray Ray can break out of the slump and have a big game 7.

- Feed him the ball: In order for a great shooter like Allen to get hot, he needs the ball in his hands. He needs to see the ball going into the basket for him to start getting his confidence up and hitting shots like he always has. So I think early on in game 7, the Cs need to run their offense through Ray to see what he can do. That way Ray will be more involved, and there's more of a chance that he has a big game.

- Take it to the hole: A good example for a shooter trying to get hot, is Dwyane Wade. Wade is always driving to the basket and is relentless, this gets him to the line, which gets his confidence up, and eventually, he's hitting threes like, (GULP) Ray Allen. I think Ray should take D-Wade example tonight and everytime he gets the ball, go to the basket. It shouldn't be that hard for him, because he's such a great shooter, people play up on him. Ray Ray needs to get the ball, and drive like nobody's stopping him from getting to the basket. That way, he'll break out of his slump.
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